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Agape Women’s Recovery House provides a separate women's program offering an environment conducive to recovery and relapse prevention. This service is tailored to the specific needs of women seeking to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety in a safe, comfortable and secure setting. Our staff is knowledgeable on the different experiences and challenges faced by women in both addiction and recovery. Our mission is to address these issues in a gender specific and gender exclusive program designed to foster structure, accountability and community.


Agape Women’s Recovery House provides allows residents to experience accountability within a transition system that builds freedom as it advances. Residents are free to use their personal cell phones. Personal vehicles are allowed after an initial period of time unless needed for critical activities such as work or transportation to Outpatient Services or therapy. We do provide transportation to during the initial four to six weeks of the transition period to outside 12 step meetings, IOP, therapy, psychiatry appointments, doctor appointments, and the grocery store. Our program stresses personal accountability through drug and alcohol screening, basic scheduling, curfews and required attendance to recovery related activities. These include 12 Step meetings and in-house programing such as recovery coaching and resident meetings. The residents will be on the “buddy system” for the first 30 days of the program with a senior resident.

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Agape Women’s Recovery House offers amenities such as wifi, exercise facilities, along with a pool and parking in a clean and secure, gated community. Residents are expected to observe a schedule adjusted for individual needs and obey a set of rules designed to enhance their sober experience and create an atmosphere conducive to community living, cooperation, participation and recovery. We believe in using structure and a schedule that engages women in their recovery journey while building responsibility and self-sufficiency.

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Residents are housed in comfortable and modern apartments within a suburban, residential setting. We believe in creating fellowship by providing an environment filled with other women experiencing the same journey towards recovery. We provide a staff that is available to the residents 24/7. Our staff provides general monitoring, recovery coaching, communication with family and sponsors, as well as transportation to meetings and events. Our experienced and compassionate staff works with you to interact with family, government agencies and other support services. The culture of our program is one of “extended family” or a “tribe” in which the senior members support the newcomers thus creating a culture of support and internal accountability. We also provide one larger monthly outing that allows the residents to experience fun and community that helps to foster interaction with each other. Examples of monthly outings are white water rafting, Zoo Atlanta, The High Museum of Art, Haunted House outings, bowling, and escape rooms.


The staff at Agape Women’s Recovery House understands the difficulties faced by those in early recovery. We want you to succeed because we’ve been there.  We know that for those willing to be honest and take the steps necessary, a new life will arise. We also realize that recovery doesn’t look the same for everyone. While staying within program guidelines, we do whatever we can to facilitate each individual's personal program of recovery. We support the journey towards a recovery that is safe, healthy, and successful. We walk the journey out with each and every resident that crosses our door from the moment they enter until the day they leave. We believe we can make that journey with you. Don't delay, start today!

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