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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My name is Jeff Baucom and I am person who has found a new way of life, freedom, joy, peace, and happiness through diligent introspection, 12-step participation, spiritual application, and giving back to others what others have given to me. My passion in life is to help others find inner peace and a sense of self worth and dignity. I believe every person has the capacity to attain and enjoy these precious gifts.

We believe that the only lasting way to help others gain genuine, long term freedom from their substance abuse and addictive thinking is to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. Addicts are like icebergs in the sense that their addictive behaviors, addictions, and general loss of direction/life purpose is the small portion (symptom) of the iceberg that you can see. The other 75% of the iceberg that you cannot see (underlying long term deeper issues) are the areas that need to be addressed and worked on slowly, methodically, and with great care.

                Our program utilizes a wide spectrum of resources from the community to help the individual reconnect to others in meaningful and purposeful ways. Connection is the opposite of addiction. The main components of our program are 12-step participation, spiritual development, life skills training, health/wellness, drug screening, community events, and personal recovery coaching and planning. We provide the tools: structure, accountability and community. It is up to the individual to provide the willingness to put in the work and the perseverance to see it through. The adage, “You get out what you put in.” is and always will be true.

  • CARES, Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialists GCSA (Georgia Counsel on Substance Abuse)

  • CFT, Certified Fitness Trainer - ISSA (International Sports Science Association)

  • CACI, Certified Addiction Counselor Level I

  • Valuable personal lived experience.

  • Over seven years sober from opiate addiction.

  • Compassionate, dedicated, and servant-leader.

Halle Bio Pic.png
Halle Lavessuer
Women's Program Director

Halle has an amazing passion for helping other women not just recover from drug and alcohol addiction but to help them thrive and grow into persons that become the daughter, wife, mother, friend, and contributing member of society that they were always meant to be. Halle's unique experience with her own mental health and addiction gives her personal insight into the struggles that women go through in their early recovery process. During her journey of recovery she went through a program similar to ours in which she truly "connected" to other women and began that healing/honesty process that allowed her to build a solid foundation leading to long term sobriety. She is extremely passionate in cultivating a genuine authentic community through which she leads with her own authenticity and honest kind communication. Halle is almost four years sober and has been working in the recovery field for over two years with direct experience as a Director at a previous organization. She loves to incorporate art and creativity into her recovery along with nature and outdoor pursuits. Halle believes that any women does have the ability to flourish with the proper accountability, structure, and strong community. 

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